How to change the Storage dimension group on items with existing Inventory transactions

I have seen numerous occurrences of customers needing to change the storage dimension group on an item with existing inventory transactions.  This unfortunately can be a time consuming process, but it is important to do this the correct way to avoid data corruption and potential ledger implications.  Rather than taking the non-supported route by performing changes in the back-end, I would recommend the following:

  1. Count inventory down to zero.  You will need to temporarily remove any existing reservations, registrations, etc.
  2. Perform an Inventory close (Inventory management > Periodic > Closing and adjustment)
  3. After performing the inventory close, you can change the storage dimension group at the Released item level. 
  4. Note that you will not be able to make this change unless the current session date is after the date of Inventory closing.

Yes, this is a much more time consuming process than making updates via SQL or other unsupported methods, but is essential to ensuring that the integrity of your data is maintained.