We are happy to announce the December update for Data Loader.

New Features

There are many new features that are now available with this December release:

  1. Data Loader is now supported in all regions globally except government cloud.
  1. The job status view has been improved to show clear record counts and grouping of records as per their state.


  1. Support for many to many relationships. Yes! This is supported now.

Example: For many to many relationship between Account and Leads, the intersect entity accountLeads would need to be imported. The source file can include alternate keys for Accounts and Leads, it does not need to be GUIDs. While importing to CRM, the data loader service will make the associate call for linking these entities.

  1. Improved performance for push to CRM

As always, along with new features, many bug fixes are also included in this release.

CRM Community Forum

We have on boarded to the CRM Community forum. Please use this link to access the forum and ask any questions, issues you encounter. This is an open forum for any questions, issues.

Known Issues with the new upgrade

For some of the improvements, we had to change few interfaces due to which all the existing data jobs will have their counts reflected as ‘0’ and the staging gird will show no data. We recommend to delete the old data jobs. All the new jobs will have accurate counts and data.