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Dynamics 365

NAV Development Tools Preview – January Update

We’ve been bowled over by the positive comments from the community supporting this development effort. The team has read every suggestion, bug submitted, and idea and we’re enthusiastic that you’re so interested. That’s why we’re even happier to announce an update to the developer tools preview.

The update will be applied automatically to the Azure Gallery and any new images taken will automatically include the updated version. Code written from the December update is expected to work, however, please note that between versions code needs to be moved to the new VM and extensions must be recompiled and redeployed which will result in a data loss. Use to create a version of the new image.

The following is included in the update

– Fixed various bugs reported by the community in the in-client designer.

– You can now reference Report and XMLPort objects from the base application. This gives you the ability to use these objects in the RunObject property, as well as, declare variables of the types Report and XMLPort, and call AL functions on them.

– Improved IntelliSense for Pages and Tables. IntelliSense will offer keywords in Pages and Tables. The supported keywords will be offered in the correct context and are intended to help build the object correctly.




– IntelliSense for attributes. The list of available attributes will be displayed after typing ‘[‘. Each attribute will also include signature help showing the number and types of expected parameters. Also, IntelliSense for the EventSubscriber attribute offers lookup for the event name and the field/action name parameters which helps discover the available event publishers.


– Fixed miscellaneous bugs reported to us. Issues submitted to the GitHub project issue list that have been fixed have been marked as included in the January update.



We would like to thank all those who registered comments or issues and at the same time, remind you that the best way to give feedback is through the project.