Dynamics 365 Retail Statement Posting Issues Caused by a Previous Statement Posting Failure in Batch

When posting Retail Statements in batch and there has been an error, Customers have been receiving errors manually posting the Retail Statements after the original failure. One example of a Retail Statement error:

“One or more sales orders in statement XXXX have not been invoiced; abort payment journal posting”

A majority of the time, the Sales order and invoice are not populated, but the RetailTransactionTable EntryStatus contains a value of 7 (PendingInvoice) or 8 (CreatingOrder). Once the statement is in this state, it cannot be posted manually or in batch without updating the table.

A hotfix has been released to address this issue.  Prior to the hotfix, customers were required to open a support ticket to manually update the RetailTransactionTable to set the EntryStatus from 7 or 8 back to 0 (None).

The changes in the hotfix make sure the transactions that are in the Status “CreatingOrder” or “PendingInvoice” can now be posted as expected.


KB4051955 can be downloaded from LifeCycle Services for App7.1 at the following link or by searching for 4051955



KB 4053789 can be downloaded from LifeCycle Services for App7.2 at the following link or by searching for 4053789