Release Notes for Project Service Automation Update Release 2

Applies to: Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365 

We’re pleased to announce the latest update for the Project Service Automation application for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests. 

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.0.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For more information, see How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution .


Project Service Automation (v3.2.0.246) 


  • Internal performance improvements to upgrade experience. 
  • Minor reliability improvements to the project schedule grid. 


Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed: Ability to hide the Project Contract value from Transaction Type on Actuals Journal. 
  • Fixed: WBS start and end dates display incorrect values on refresh because of incorrect parsing of Daylight Savings Time(DST) rules. 
  • Fixed: When Project Quotes are created in a currency different from org currency, QuoteLineDetails for cost amount of Product lines are created in wrong currency. 
  • Fixed: Generic SQL Error when creating contract from quote, if customer has custom field maps for multi selection option sets. 
  • Fixed: [Calcium FP] The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. 
  • Fixed: Contract revaluation can generate unexpected extra Unbilled Sales Actuals when Contract is confirmed. 
  • Fixed: In specific scenarios, selecting a task date in the WBS actually selects the previous date. 
  • Fixed: Failed integration scenarios when EntityRepository.RetrieveByEntityReference retrieves entities of wrong type. 
  • Fixed: Misalignment of field length between BusinessTransaction msdyn_description and QuoteLine.ProductDescription. 
  • Fixed: Missing price information on estimates view when project calendar and user timezone is set to india timezone 
  • Fixed: Invalid data exception in async jobs for team member office group create/update and requirement update when booking is invoked or moved from schedule board. 


Russel Hercules 

Program Manager  

Project Service Automation Team