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Dynamics 365

Recent failures in servicing, database movement and upgrade

Latest Update  – This issue has been resolved. We updated the impacted production environments with the critical update in the first week of March. We have not seen any issues since then.


Updated as of Feb 26th – We have determined the root cause and not all environments are affected by this failure. We are closely monitoring these failures in production and will update the environments that need this critical update this weekend. Sandbox environments have been updated and can be restarted if you see the issue.


On Monday February 18, 2019, some customers began experiencing failures for package deployment and other maintenance operations, such as database movement and upgrade triggered through Lifecycle Services (LCS) for their Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environments. We have been actively investigating this issue and have already made a fix that will address some of these failures. We are actively working to resolve the other failures. We will keep this post updated as soon as we have more information.

Symptoms – This may affect the maintain operations, such as apply updates, move database, upgrade, and maintenance mode. You may see increased times to complete and failures due to timeouts. This does not affect usage of the Finance and Operations client.

Mitigation – For sandbox environments, you can try using the Stop the environment and Start the environment options from the environment details page before starting any of the maintain operations noted above. If any operation fails, you can try to “resume” the failed operation from LCS. For production environments, please contact Microsoft Support.

We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve package deployments and other operations. For questions, please contact Microsoft Support.