Enhancements and bug fixes in Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) version

Applies to Universal Resource Scheduling solution (version 3.7.0.xx), Field Service application (version 8.7.x.xx), Project Service Automation application (version 3.7.0.xx) on Dynamics 365 version 9.1.x)

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to Universal Resource Scheduling (URS), powering the Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This update includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability and is based on your feedback and requests. This update is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.1.x. To update, visit the Dynamics 365 admin center online solutions page. See how to update a preferred solution.


  • Made improvements to uptake new endpoint Bing distance matrix APIs.
  • Self-service scheduling API is now available to schedule the single resource requirement.
  • The work location for new requirements added to a requirement group is now inherited from the work location of the existing requirements in the requirement group, and is kept in sync.
  • The calendars of the requirements of a requirement group are kept in sync and share the same calendar. Changing a calendar or time zone for one requirement updates it for all the requirements of the requirement group.
  • When booking a requirement group, the schedule assistant is launched in the time zone of the requirement group’s requirements because they all share the same requirement.
  • Performance improvements to searching for resource availability, viewing bookings on the schedule board, creating bookings for crews, creating bookings in the hourly views of the schedule board, and when using other URS plug-ins.
  • Resource schedule can be optimized in the vertical and list views on the schedule board.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Requirement group control loads in the service form on the customer service scheduling app.
  • Fixed: When a schedulable entity without a resource requirement is booked via the schedule assistant (pop-out schedule board) days, weeks, or months views, the booking status is populated to the default status.
  • Fixed: The resource routes are optimized by listing using the schedule board driving directions in the sort order of a booking’s start time.
  • Fixed: Optimized rebooking in the schedule board by fixing a client-side console error.
  • Fixed: Map view icon is no longer displayed in the schedule assistant view.
  • Fixed: Changes on the default schedule board Settings form are saved when accessed from booking setup metadata record.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop the bookings from one resource to another or from one time to another of the same resource in days, weeks, or months views.
  • Fixed: Resource names with apostrophes, like O’Brien, can be searched on the schedule board resources.
  • Fixed: Booking a resource requirement for the facility resource type now populates the Resource filter field as a facility in the schedule assistant (pop-out schedule board).
  • Fixed: Book Based On setting for the schedule board shows how the time slot suggestions are displayed in the Hourly view of the schedule assistant, and more details on how to use Book Based On are included.
  • Fixed: Duration filter on the schedule assistant for Hebrew is fixed when the value of the duration is 1.
  • Fixed: Travel start time on the schedule assistant list view shows as travel time subtracted from the work start time.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop multiple open requirements to an expanded resource in days, weeks, or months view to create multiple bookings.
  • Fixed: Rendering of the resources on the schedule board is improved.
  • Fixed: View resource cards in the schedule assistant for requirement groups availability.
  • Fixed: Schedule assistant minimizes the number of resources necessary to fulfill a requirement group when the Sort result by field is set to Fewest Resources first.
  • Fixed: Multiple issues preventing upgrade.
  • Fixed: Drag resource route on the map to a requirement pin to create a booking for the resource.
  • Fixed: The Select Resources filter can be used to select the resources to be displayed on the schedule board.
  • Fixed: Only active members of the crew with valid crew membership will be booked when a crew is booked.
  • Fixed: Driving directions and the map view on the schedule board have the same traffic icon.
  • Fixed: The position of the hover Book button on the suggested time slots is adjusted when the preceding booking is extended beyond the suggested time slot.
  • Fixed: When a requirement is selected and the Requirements panel is refreshed, the requirement selection persists.


Vinay Nalam
Program Manager, Dynamics 365 Engineering