New Tools for Data Classification in Dynamics 365 Business Central


When the General Data Protection Regulation was introduced in the European Union in 2016, it became important that businesses can classify and protect data, whether they are based in the EU/EEA or just doing business there.

The Data Classification module provides support for classifying data in order to help our partners and customers work toward Privacy compliance introduced by GDPR.


The existing data classification capabilities have been moved and consolidated in the Data Classification module. This includes the Data Classification Worksheet and Wizard pages, and the Data Classification Mgt. codeunit.


The Data Classification module provides capabilities for:

  • Creating an entry in the Data Sensitivity table for every field in the database that might contain sensitive information
  • Setting the data sensitivity for fields
  • Synchronizing the Data Sensitivity and Field tables by introducing new entries in the Data Sensitivity table for every new entry in the Field table
  • Querying whether all the fields are classified
  • Querying whether the Data Sensitivity table is empty for the current company
  • Inserting a new data sensitivity entry for fields in the database
  • Inserting a new data privacy entities entry for tables in the database
  • Getting the date for the last time the Field and Data Sensitivity tables were synchronized
  • Raising an event to retrieve all data privacy entities

The two most important pages in this module (Data Classification Worksheet and Data Classification Wizard) provide options for classifying data. You can export an Excel file where you can classify all the potentially sensitive fields, and then import the file to add the classifications, or you can classify data using the functionality provided by Business Central.