Business Central icon missing from

You may have recently run into an issue where the Business Central icon\link was missing from  A lot of you know that when this happens you can still access your environment through a direct link using your Tenant ID.  Example:<Tenant ID>

That is a valid work-around, but what if you don’t have a link saved or you don’t know your Tenant ID?  There is another method that is easier for end-users to remember.  You can add your domain\email login info to the end of the URL and it will also take you to your Business Central tenant.

Here are a couple of examples of what this would look like depending on your Email\Sign-in

This is a much easier method to remember for signing into Business Central if your link is gone for some reason.  The issue that caused the links to disappear within the last 24hrs has been resolved as of the writing of this blog.  You may just need to click the ‘Synch’ button to get it back.