Maintain budget control balances after update to Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2

As you might already know if you read our post from August, 2020, the hash function for the dimension framework in Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2 has changed.

After you update to version 10.0.13 or later, you’ll need to make sure a one-time update to maintain budget control balances for your active account structures and budget control configurations has occurred.

This blog post tells you what you need to know about the batch job and what your users might see during the process.

How the budget control update works

When you update to 10.0.13 or later, the data update automatically triggers a batch job called Budget control dimension values hash update controller. This process runs in the background and might take some time if budget control is being used with large volumes of data. You can monitor the batch job by going to System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs.

While this job is running, users might see budget control balances that appear to be incorrect during transaction entry. The budget funds available check will fail to indicate that funds aren’t available for a given budget control dimension value combination until the process is completed.

You can find detailed results of the data update by viewing the budget control data maintenance results for each company that has budget control turned on.

To see the results, go to Budgeting > Periodic > Budget control data maintenance and view the results for a process group that has the following description: Updates budget control dimension values for hash changes.

As was mentioned earlier, the batch job is invoked automatically as part of the servicing operation to update your version. If any issues are encountered with the batch execution, or if the process wasn’t correctly started, you can use the budget control data maintenance utility to do the update. To run the utility, go to Budgeting > Periodic > Budget control data maintenance. Select New to create a new process group, and then select the following scenario: Budget control dimension values provider. Please note that Budget control data maintenance will need to be run for each year where open budget is remaining.

If the automatic batch job or the budget control data maintenance task has been completed, but budget data doesn’t appear to be correct, or if you continue to see budget control funds available errors, submit a support incident on the Microsoft Support website.