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Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows comes with offline access

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows is optimized to help your team stay productive whether they’re connected or working offline.

The app provides your salespeople, agents, and supervisors with tools they need to track their tasks, arrive prepared for appointments, take notes, and access customer records.

It is seamless to deploy because employees can install the app themselves from the Microsoft Store, and then with one sign-in access all the Dynamics 365 apps enabled for your organization, with no additional configuration.

If you want to customize the app, you can tailor it to meet your business requirements using the Microsoft Power Apps app designer and extensibility points, and configure it to work offline. The seamless setup experience enables you configure the app once, and then deploy it everywhere on iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Key capabilities

The Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows delivers these key capabilities:

  • A personalized action hub to help users get to common tasks, suggestions, and records quickly
  • Offline access with synchronization, so users can be productive on the go
  • Access records from an easy-to-use home page
  • Track progress for key performance indicators visually with charts
  • Access personalized views of lists and grids so that users see the data most important to them

Screenshot showing Windows app dashboard

We’ll continue to improve the app, adding features that are currently available in the iOS and Android mobile versions including:

  • Ability to capture video, photo, and audio in the timeline when adding notes
  • GPS geolocation
  • Integrated barcode scanner

Next steps and continued learning

To learn more about the Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows, check out the documentation for more details on the capabilities, setup process, and to get the link to install the app.

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