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Dynamics 365

Manage Finance and Operations apps in the Power Platform admin center

More and more customers are using process orchestration between their front-office and back-office business applications. Low-code and no-code tools are proliferating. Fusion teams—in which pro developers, IT admins, and citizen developers collaborate to build software—are popular. It’s no wonder the job of administering these applications has become a growing challenge. We’re making that job a little easier by bringing the management of Finance and Operations apps and other Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps into a single experience for the first time.

While other Dynamics 365 apps are managed in the Power Platform admin center, today admins must manage Finance and Operations apps in a dedicated portal called Lifecycle Services. Over the next several release waves, we’re making Finance and Operations apps available to be installed and managed in the Power Platform admin center.

Manage Dynamics 365 applications all in one place

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Today, every instance of a Finance and Operations application is considered an environment. Customers are entitled to a sandbox and a production environment when they purchase licenses for Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, or Project Operations, and they deploy these environments in Lifecycle Services.

In the Power Platform admin center, you have more flexibility. A single environment can govern many Dynamics 365 apps, such as Marketing, Sales, and Field Service, as well as hosting Power Automate flows and Power Apps. The improvement we’re introducing is that Finance and Operations apps can be installed in the Power Platform environment model like any other Dynamics 365 application.

Giving Finance and Operations admins more choices

Administrators have differing needs based on the applications their company uses. If you don’t need Power Platform capabilities, you can continue to use Lifecycle Services to manage your Finance and Operations environments and apps. In the future, we’ll provide a way to migrate environments from Lifecycle Services to the admin center, should you choose to do so.

If you want to manage all your Dynamics 365 apps in a single environment and admin center, the new capability is available for Project Operations trials. Project Operations environments come with dual-write, business events, and virtual entity support, drastically reducing setup time. We’re adding support for Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Commerce trials, and will support sandbox and production environments in the future as well. Eventually, customers will be able to choose the Power Platform admin center for all their administration and governance needs.

Next steps

Sign up for a Project Operations trial and give us your feedback!