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Streamline your sales workflow: How AI-powered Opportunity summaries transform collaboration

In today’s fast-paced sales landscape, staying ahead of the game is more crucial than ever. Sales teams aiming to close deals swiftly understand the importance of real-time opportunity information. But let’s be honest, obtaining a straightforward Opportunity summary can be quite the challenge. Vital details are often scattered across various applications and documents, making it a time-consuming endeavor to compile a concise and up-to-date opportunity snapshot. However, there’s a game-changer now available within Microsoft Sales Copilot, and it comes in the form of AI-powered Opportunity summaries. In this blog, we’ll dive into how deal teams can revolutionize collaboration and keep the focus on valued customers. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to seamless teamwork!

Stay informed: AI-generated Opportunity summaries

Sales Copilot makes it easy for sales team members to stay up to date on opportunities by providing AI generated summaries of the latest opportunity information. Sellers see this information in a Deal room Collaboration space in Microsoft Teams, which is set up to collaborate and stay connected on opportunity-related activities. The Opportunity summary includes details such as sales stage, budget, closing date, and latest activity saved in opportunity notes. These summaries not only provide time saving benefits, but also help the sales team gain a shared understanding of the opportunity status. This shared perspective enhances their ability to collaborate effectively, particularly when addressing customer needs and managing deals efficiently.

Enhancing team collaboration: comprehensive access to opportunity details

For Dynamics or Salesforce organizations that have created a Deal room in Microsoft Teams, the Opportunity summary is instantly displayed after setup. Members of the deal team will find a complete summary that shows information from relevant CRM opportunity fields like sales stage, budget amount, estimated close date, parent account name, primary contact name, and more. Any important notes added to the opportunity are also included in the latest activity summary.

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AI generated Opportunity summary shown on setup of a Deal room

This AI-generated summary offers the sales team a clear overview of the opportunity and helps them save a lot of time and work better together, focusing on the most important things with the latest information available.

Whether new team members join the deal room or existing ones seek real-time updates, accessing this summary is effortless. By issuing the command “@Sales Copilot show Opportunity summary” within Deal rooms, or alternatively, by generating the Opportunity summary through the “@Sales Copilot Help” options, individuals can promptly tap into the most pertinent details of an opportunity.

Activate AI summaries via Sales Copilot admin settings

Dynamics and Salesforce administrators can enable AI-generated Opportunity summaries in Deal rooms by accessing the Sales Copilot admin settings in Sales Copilot app in Microsoft Teams. Within the admin settings, simply toggle on the Copilot option in the ‘Set up Copilot AI features’ page.

Once the Copilot toggle is enabled, the Opportunity summary is generated using the following CRM fields from the opportunity record: 

  • Opportunity name 
  • Opportunity ID  
  • Created On  
  • Estimated close date  
  • Sales stage  
  • Budget amount  
  • Description  
  • Parent Account name  
  • Primary contact name 

Content under the Latest activity section is generated from the summary of the last three notes added to the opportunity record. 

graphical user interface, text, application, email
Admin settings to enable AI generated Opportunity summaries

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