Introducing Project “Sophia”, a new generation AI-first business application

We are committed to continuous innovation to reimagine business applications in this era of AI. Today we are excited to announce the preview of Project “Sophia”, which you can try at: Http:// Project “Sophia” is an AI powered business research canvas designed to help all business users solve complex, cross-domain business problems. It enables users to discover, visualize, and interact with data in new ways, to optimize business processes, and answer strategic questions that drive better outcomes.  

Research Journeys to explore cross-functional data and insights to find innovative solutions  

As an AI Powered Business Research canvas. you can ask Project “Sophia” any business question across every business domain in your organization. You start by uploading data you want help exploring or you can simply ask a question, and Project “Sophia” will start a research journey for you. With Project “Sophia”, you have access to your own ‘digital analyst’ as well as access to the power of rich domain expertise across departments. You can scale with a focus and intelligence around your core business processes to effortlessly research where optimizations can be created in these journeys in a matter of minutes or hours vs. days or months.   

Magically generate rich user experiences and provide actionable recommendations

Project “Sophia” automatically generates what we call blueprints, which are information rich building blocks, designed to help provide structure to your AI powered research making it easier to navigate. Every blueprint contains a textual overview, visual representations of insights and a range of suggested next actions. Using the AI cursor, a new innovative, fully contextual chat experience, you can dive deeper into any areas of the research journey, triggering a conversation with “Sophia” who will now assist with further explorations and suggestions. Blueprints, insights, next steps and AI Cursor interactions are all generated using the power of large language models. 

Achieve specific outcomes for high value business tasks using Business Process Guides

Business Process Guides are experiences where Project “Sophia” guides you through the process of achieving a predefined outcome for a specific high value business task. The first Business Process Guide that is supported in this Preview release is Account Planning or Sales Territory Planning.  

When you upload data about accounts, sales reps, pipeline and other account relevant information Project “Sophia” naturally detects relationships between these different data points – even if it exists across different files – and creates a comprehensive AI generated account plan for you.  This serves as a starting point with the idea to indicate and suggest other data that can help you make an account plan that is even more comprehensive and actionable. 

Try “Sophia” today

We will continue to innovate and add more capabilities to Project “Sophia” based on customer feedback during this preview phase. 

To learn more and get started with the preview, visit There, you can watch an overview session, see a demo of the AI in action and even try the preview for yourself.  We would love to hear from you and learn more about your thoughts.