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Dynamics 365
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CRM 4.0 Bulk Data Export Tool

There is no facility to Bulk Export the data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. This sample tool  allows users to connect to OnPremise or Online Microsoft CRM 4.0 organization and export records of CRM entities in form of CSV files. The complete code for the tool is provided here for the advanced developers who want to develop solutions currently beyond the scope of this tool. The sample code included uses standard MSCRM SDK calls to achieve this functionality.

The Bulk Data Export Tool can be downloaded from Follow the instructions in Readme.Txt for installations.

Once you have installed the tool, launch CrmDataExport.exe, select CRM configuration and specify the credentials:


If you are connecting to OnPremise CRM Organization, make sure to open Internet Explorer, connect to CRM server and Save Password. This is necessary as this tool uses stored credentials to connect to the CRM server in OnPremise configuration.

Once you are connected successfully, you can select the entities for which you want to export the records, specify output directory, data and field delimiters, and duration. Note that All Records option is not available for Online configuration. Click Export button to export the records.


The tool creates CSV for each selected entities in the directory selected. You can use this tool for periodic backup of your data.


Arun Kumar