AI-infused personalized customer journeys with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 2023 release wave 2

As businesses around the world increasingly recognize the value of generative AI in driving growth through better customer experiences, Microsoft has taken the lead in developing advanced AI features within its journey orchestration and customer data platform product—Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. 

Our AI journey began more than two years ago. Since then, we’ve already implemented 10 groundbreaking AI features, with more coming each month. Our AI features already assist data analysts and marketers in their daily tasks—improving data quality, unlocking data to understand customers, identifying audiences, and building journeys and content to engage customers. This demonstrates our commitment to promptly deliver announced product innovations offering cutting-edge solutions that boost productivity, unlock capabilities, and leverage data, effectively addressing the needs of organizations worldwide.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, we’re delighted to give you a sneak preview of the new features releasing as part of 2023 release wave 2.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Leverage data to personalize your customer experiences

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Unleash the power of AI and real-time insights to fuel customer experiences

To deeply understand your customers, it all starts with data. Dialog with data offers an intuitive way to explore your data across all your data sources and uncover new opportunities to grow your business. Chat with your data and ask questions using everyday words to receive answers as well as additional insights within seconds. Dialog with data is available in all geographies in 23 languages.

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As customers engage with your business, they constantly provide signals about their interests, such as adding a product to a cart or signing up for a trial. It’s crucial to build on these signals as they happen so you can deliver the right experience at the right time. With this release, we are introducing in public preview real-time capabilities to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Data, enabling you to now personalize your customer’s experience on web and mobile in real-time, whether they’re anonymous or known. You can deliver the most relevant offer, content, or experience by combining their latest interactions and activities with your brand together with their profile data, the segments they belong to, and insights about them, such as their lifetime value.

Connected sales and marketing

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As customers engage across digital and human-assisted channels, it’s essential for sellers also to have access to comprehensive data and insights to ensure a seamless cross-channel experience. By unifying, enriching, and transforming customer data and interactions into actionable insights using data from multiple sources, Customer Insights equips sellers with unparalleled knowledge. We’ve made these insights readily available to sellers in Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Copilot. Sellers can consult customer profile summaries, an at-a-glance view of essential customer engagement, predictions, and insights to help the follow-up conversation. Metrics such as lifetime value, churn risk, and buying propensity, displayed right on the page where sellers are working, assist them in identifying high-value opportunities and enable them to have hyper-personalized conversations.

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Orchestrate personalized journeys using Copilot

In the past, the idea of completing complex tasks by simply describing them seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. But with AI and natural language models, this is becoming a reality. Journey creator, a Copilot feature, streamlines the process of designing customer journeys. Just describe your journey in English, and let Copilot build it for you. Get suggestions to create the journey on segments, triggers, communication timing, branching options, and easily make journey edits. Journey creator is now available in North America and coming to all geographies in December.

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Query assist, our AI powered segment builder, is now available in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Data and Journeys, so both marketers and data analysts can build complex segments just by describing them. Thanks to intelligent segment summaries, teams can easily collaborate. Sharing segments, understanding the intent of the segment, and ensuring the logic matches the intended outcome has never been easier. Marketers also receive recommendations to optimize their segments.

In addition, with this release, you will receive a variety of features aimed at enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication. These include setting up quiet times, preventing duplicate emails to the same address, choosing the most effective email address for reaching customers, and allowing the use of your brand as an SMS sender.

Boost content impact, streamlining creativity and efficiency with Copilot

Designing content that resonates with your audience requires a combination of creativity and time, and with the assistance of Copilot, this process becomes more efficient and impactful. Content ideas, your solution for generating captivating emails in minutes, is now accessible worldwide in English, and in seven additional languages. Continuous enhancements, such as sample key points for typical email types or choosing a tone of voice best suited to your brand, have made content generation even more efficient.

While content ideas is perfect to kickstart new emails, you can now use Content rewrite to rapidly iterate and perfect your existing messages. Whether you are creating emails, text messages, push notifications, or forms, you can easily rephrase your messages, adjust the tone of voice, shorten or lengthen your copy, and uplevel your campaigns.

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To complement your content, Copilot automatically recommends a selection of images from your library matching your copy, so you can easily add images in your emails, forms, and push notifications without spending hours searching.

Finalizing your campaigns often required dedicated time from you or a designer to achieve just the right look. Using Copilot, you can effortlessly style your emails, event registration pages, and forms to interpret your website and instantly apply a similar design. Maintain a consistent brand identity by saving those themes in your brand profiles and easily apply them to your future campaigns. This streamlines the process, reducing the time spent fine-tuning styles and allowing you to focus on other core activities.

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Generate higher quality leads to maximize your opportunity pipeline and increase win rates

Organizations that prioritize sales and marketing alignment are typically more likely to achieve their organization’s growth goals. Sellers want marketers to deliver good quality leads. Marketers want sellers to follow-up on the leads they generate and convert these into revenue. To boost conversions, it’s crucial for marketers to identify prospects that are most likely to make a purchase and send them to sellers when they are ready to engage. Our enhanced lead scoring model, with its granular qualification criteria and signals, helps your team in assessing a prospect’s likelihood to purchase. Once you’ve identified qualified leads, you can automatically handoff in Dynamics 365 Sales at exactly the right time for the seller to reach out.

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Thanks to the analytics dashboard, you can see the impact of your marketing efforts. It enables you to drive better conversion rates and optimize your activities to deliver higher return on investment (ROI). Marketers can better align with Sales by sharing a comprehensive view of the pipeline, from prospects to won opportunities.

Recognizing that each business has unique needs and requirements for aggregating data from various sources, we will now provide additional custom reporting capabilities. In Customer Insights – Journeys, you can leverage Microsoft Fabric, an all-in-one analytics and business intelligence reporting solution, to create custom Power BI reports. You can unlock more insights using data science and machine learning, without the need to move your data or conduct any data transformation activities.

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These innovations are just a small part of what is coming in this wave release. With real-time capabilities, generative AI, and by unifying sales and marketing efforts, your teams can do more with less and focus on customer experiences that win you customers for life.

Don’t wait to get started, the era of AI is now.