VM Express – Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Machine Demonstration Toolkit

VPN What is VM Express? I heard that question a lot after people read my blog post announcing the new VPC. I guess I was assuming that most our partners were either using or familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Machine Demonstration Toolkit.

The purpose of this toolkit is to enable Microsoft Dynamics partners to install and update virtual machine images in the most efficient manner possible. Using Prowess VM Express, your initial install of the toolkit places a master file that contains all the data necessary to recreate any of the Microsoft Dynamics virtual machines or other items listed in the VM Express catalog. Any items that are added to the catalog after this DVD set was manufactured will take advantage of the local master file and download smaller delta files in the background when you select a new item to be installed.


In short: VM Express is an efficient VM distribution solution designed to save time and money for people who distribute Virtual Machines.

Microsoft Dynamics VM Toolkit is available today for partners to order on PartnerSource

  1. Navigate to Placing an Order; https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/ordering/tools/placeorder/
  2. Select the “Sales and Marketing Collateral” option – and then select your country.
  3. Select “Media” from the left-hand navigation and the Dynamics Virtual Machine Demo Toolkit is available under all Microsoft Dynamics product categories.  It is part #  L0KT-0000-VM00000