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Dynamics 365

AX 2012 Retail: Customizing deployment of a new store.

Title: Customizing deployment of a new store.


AX2012 comes with a lot of predefined A and N jobs that can be used to push data when deploying a new store or updating
existing stores. These jobs works very well for small or medium data volume stores.

For stores with high volume of data it can be necessary to customize the jobs that are used to deploy a new store.

The job that requires most execution time and push most data is the A-1040 – Products, prices, and bar codes.

To deploy a new store we can use the ‘Retail POS deployment checklist’, found on the System Administration page
under Setup/Checklists.

The ‘Retail POS deployment checklist’ uses a predefined series of A and N-Jobs to deploy a store.

The jobs used by the checklist is created when the Retail part is initialized by using the ‘Initialize’ on the Retail
parameters form.


 To customize the jobs that is used by the checklist a few application modifications is needed.

Application changes:

Go to the AOT, open the forms node, find the form called: RetailConnSchedulerJobTable

Expand the data source node:


Right click on the RetailConnScheduleJobTable, and select ‘Open in new window’



Expand the fields node.


Then expand the Designs node of the form:


Drag the ‘Redeployment’ folder from the


To the Group ‘General1’


Move the new group (Redeployment) to the end – Mark ‘Redeployment’, then press and hold ALT and use ARROW DOWN

Save the form.

 Go to Retail Area page->Setup->Retail scheduler->Scheduler job

Find the A-1040 job and uncheck ‘Required to deploy POS’


Copy the A-1040 to a new and called it A-1040-1. 

In the Sub job section:



Disable the following sub jobs:



For each of the disabled sub jobs, create a new job, name the jobs A-1040-X where x is next number from 1, so A-1040-2,
A-1040-3 etc.

Make sure to enter the channel schema, job execution class and the redeployment option


When all jobs have been created, it’s time to test.

Launch the ‘Retail POS redeployment checklist’, select a store, execute in batch.

On high data volume stores, one can see improvement up to 30% meaning that it’s 30% faster to deploy a store.


Author: Steen Rabol

Publisher: Kim Truelsen

Date: 30/6- 2013