AX Content: WebSearchAX can help you locate resources

Microsoft Dynamics AX has many sites, and searching for and locating documentation and resources can be a challenge. Starting with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the Information Experience team has provided a Web search page to help. WebSearchAX provides a targeted search of TechNet, MSDN, communities and code samples just for Dynamics AX.  The tool can be found at this link or through Microsoft Dynamics AX Help menu.

The WebSearchAX tool provides filters to control where on the web you are searching for help. You can also search for resources for a specific version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.


From the bottom of the WebSearchAX tool, you can access AxErd website. AXErd contains 30 entity relationship diagrams (ERD) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 tables.

You can also access the Microsoft Dynamics AX page on Pinterest.  The Pinterest page contains our top diagrams from our Microsoft Dynamics AX help content.

For more detailed information about the WebSearchAX tool, take a look here. And as always, comment on this post to let us know how these resources work for you, or send email to the Information Experience team at