Zetadocs Express zero-client install option: One add-in for all

It’s becoming less desirable to install any client side software and ease of deployment is becoming a key factor when choosing software. Modern software needs hybrid options and using deployment methods like ClickOnce, it looks likely to remain that way – for a while longer at least.

Equisys has now released an update to Zetadocs Express that includes the option of a Document FactBox installed on the server than runs Microsoft Dynamics NAV server to support the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client. It is also automatically available to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, deployed remotely using ClickOnce, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows clients that are installed directly on the desktop. This cross-client support now gives partners the option of zero client-side software deployment to achieve simple document management across all Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients.

Touch and Choose

One of the main benefits of Zetadocs Express is the ability to drag and drop related documents which are stored in the electronic archive for viewing in context within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, drag and drop to capture is very much a Windows invention for enhanced usability.

A Microsoft Dynamics Web client in a browser on a tablet makes that more complicated, especially when you want to drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook to Microsoft Dynamics NAV records. That sort of action – between two separate programs – is just not possible yet in the web world, especially with most touch devices.

Consequently touch and choose was born as the way to add documents in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, which works just as well irrespective of the device you happen to be using.


If PC-based users using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client want the ability to capture emails using drag and drop from Outlook they can with an additional client-side install.

The Zetadocs Document FactBox detects whether the Zetadocs Client is installed locally on the desktop, and if so it automatically shows the additional drag and drop functionality and Outlook email integration.

Both add-ins happily coexist in the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV system – you just need to decide if the additional functionality is needed by the client and install Zetadocs Client on those desktops that need it.

Try it today

Zetadocs Express is the foundation member of the Zetadocs for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV family of products available at no additional cost to users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 & Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan, download it and try it with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Web client today!