Project Management and Service Industries Hotfixes Released in December 2014 (Part 2)

In this blog series I will be posting the hotfixes released for the Project Management and Accounting, as well as the Service Industries modules for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and Dynamics AX 2012 R3 twice each month. I would like to raise visibility for customers and partners to see what’s been updated and changed, as there’s many fixes that change and improve existing functionality. It will also give customers and partners a chance to be proactive if any of these appear to be something you might encounter in the future.

I will break these hotfixes down between the two releases. Keep in mind that a hotfix is first released on the build that the issue or design change is reported for. If you see a hotfix that exists in a different release, search for the fix in Lifecycle Services to see if it exists for your build. If the hotfix does not exist in Lifecycle Services for your version, there’s a strong chance that it is in the works of being developed for your build of AX. In that scenario, the recommendation would be to submit a new support request so we can track the need for the hotfix.

If you see a hotfix that you would like to download and test, please log into Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services ( to review code changes, search for related issues, and download the hotfix for testing. If you are unfamiliar with Lifecycle Services, review the following blog for instructions on using Lifecycle Services to download a hotfix:

If you have any questions about these fixes that cannot be answered by Lifecycle Services, please activate a new support request so our Project Engineers can assist you.

Watch for these posts twice each month, and I look forward to any suggestions and feedback!

Tyler Lewin
Senior Support Engineer
Microsoft Dynamics AX


Dynamics AX 2012 R2 

 KB 3027595 – This hotfix will enable the project budget revenue section for fixed-price projects.

 KB 3028478 –  Project sales price will now be updated on vendor tax invoice journal when project or journal currency are changed on “Overview” tab following sales price setting.

 KB 3027595 – This hotfix will enable the project budget revenue section for fixed-price projects. 

 KB 3025429 – If you have a timesheet with multiple funding sources that fails posting with “Cannot create a record in Hours (ProjEmplTrans). The record already exists”, this will allow the timesheet to post.

 KB 3025938 – Vendor invoice lines for non-stocked items will not create a LotID, resulting in project not recognizing the line cost. This will correct this scenario.

 KB 3028305 – If you find/filter on the projects list page and no results are returned, and the user clicks “Project stage”, this fix will prevent the selection from being applied to all projects (even ones not displayed).

 KB 3025447 – If an employee is employed in multiple companies, this fix will make the hours transaction show the company that the timesheet was posted for.

 KB 3027185 – When you make an adjustment to an item requirement and split the transaction with a change to the line property, this will correct the WIP account posting.

 KB 3029205 – This will correct an issue where an expired policy no longer picks up on previous entered expense reports as it is based on server date time not on the transaction date.

 KB 3027586 – During project invoice posting, if you receive a stack trace error stating “Invalid company argument for cross company query”, this will resolve this message and allow posting.

 KB 3027585 – Before this hotfix, the copy project functionality would not copy the project stage. With this, the copy function will also copy the project stage.

 KB 3024736 – This fix will allow the actual sales tax amount to remain unchanged when changing the project category.


Dynamics AX 2012 R3

 KB 3029216 – If an intercompany customer invoice is corrected and then deleted, this will prevent the original invoice from being invoiced again.

 KB 3027273 – This hotfix will allow the “Frequency” on the “Period types” form to filter only valid results.

 KB 3026002 – When a project PO is created for a procurement category (which is linked to an expense type project category in the procurement category setup), PO header | General | Related information | Committed cost button will now show transactions.

 KB 3025448 – Straight line project revenue recognition will now convert currency transactions correctly.

 KB 3027599 – When the parameter for “Block future timesheet entries” is enabled, EP timesheets will now validate using the client date rather than the server date.



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