February 2015 release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the February release of Lifecycle Services.



This release includes the full rollout of the reworked experience for managing projects. This is now the primary interface for all users. It is possible to view the previous user interface by clicking the Return to classic mode tile on the dashboard.




  • Cloud hosted environments has several new features being introduced;

    • Developer topologies – for jumpstarting AX solution development in Azure.

    • Service accounts can now be customized

    • Virtual Machine names can now be customized

    • All topologies now default to D-series virtual machines

  • Business process modeler  now allows much better import of library content by dragging and dropping.

  • A new Environments section has been added to the dashboard to better manage your deployed AX systems.

  • New roles have been added to split out managing environments, and performing operational tasks.

    • Environment manager. Members of this role have access to all tools in Lifecycle Services and can manage cloud-hosted environments.

    • Operations user. Members of this role have access to the following tools in Lifecycle Services – System diagnostics, Issue search, Cloud-powered support, Updates and can manage Cloud-hosted environments.

  • The System Diagnostic tool has had a few minor changes and will now request an update. No functional changes were made in this release.