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Parature, from Microsoft 15.2 Product Documentation is Available!

Check out the new documentation for the Parature 15.2 release. This release brings new and enhanced features, such as:

  • New unified portal: Create a single portal to support all of your Parature departments, creating a consistent support environment for customers across all of your brands. Customers will be able to find the support they need for all their products and services more easily than ever.
  • Enhanced multilingual support: Customers and CSRs can translate and search knowledgebase articles, live chat sessions, and support portal pages in real time. By using Parature services, your support teams can have global reach.
  • New portal customization options: Developers can take advantage of new options to style your portal and integrate it with key systems, features, and data.

Information for IT pros, administrators, implementers, and customizers

  • Setup a unified portal
  • Setup multilingual support in the unified portal
  • Setup multilingual chat support
  • Create article translations
  • Enhanced search for knowledgebase and download module

Information for developers

Parature 15.2 includes new APIs to enhance the capabilities of your custom integrations. You can now use new JavaScript variables to retrieve information for widgets and portal customizations to enhance the unified portal.