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Dynamics 365

Get started developing in AX 7

This blog will show how you can start making a customization in AX 7 by showing you the steps needed to make a simple script

Before starting customizing AX it is recommended to create your own Model

  • The first step is to log into Visual Studio as an Adminstrator


Once within Visual Studio, go to the AX7 menu and select Model Management and ‘Create model’. A model is not exactly the same as a layer, but it might be a useful analogy to think of it as being similar to a layer in the sense, it is a way to isolate and manage your customizations


Create the model in the form that appears and fill out the fields as appropriate



Click ‘Next’ and select ‘Existing package’ and choose ‘Application Suite’



Press ‘Next’ – accept the default values suggested and press ‘Finish’




In the ‘Save’ screen that appears, select the project DynamicsAX7 and give it a name of your choice and press ‘OK’


Notice in the Solution Explorer to the right in the screen a new Project has been created in your newly created Model



On the Solution Explorer go to the project and rightclick and select ‘Properties’


In here note that the project is in the new Model just created and that the customizations will be saved in the ‘USR’ layer


Also, it’s a good idea to specify which company you wish to execute the code in, here ‘DEMF’

Press OK

 Now to add ‘Runnable Class(Job) to the Project do the following. On the project rightclick and select ‘Add’ and then select ‘New Item’



In the screen shat appears select ‘Code’ and then ‘Runable Class(Job)’


And press ‘Add’

Note that now in the Solution explorer that the Runable Class has been added


Doubleclick on the ‘Runable class’ and enter the code editor window and give your job a meaningful name and write your code like you would do any X++ job as known in previous versions


Save the project(Ctrl + S) and to compile the job, select ‘Build’ and ‘Build Solution’ from the toolbar



Wait until the output window reports that the build has completed




Now in order to run the job, you need to set it as a ‘Startup Object’

Go to the Solution Explorer and on the Job, righclick and select ‘set as Startup Object’


Now to execute the job, select ‘Debug’ in the toolbar and then ‘Start without Debugging’


And note the output in the browser


And that’s it. Happy AX7 developing !