New pricing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 effective October 2024

Today, we’re announcing the first pricing update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in more than five years. Since our last pricing update, Dynamics 365 has transformed customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes with connected applications across lines of business—from marketing, sales, customer and field service, to finance, operations, and supply chain—and each year, we release hundreds of new features and enhancements designed to help people work smarter, reclaim time, and collaborate seamlessly. You can read the official Dynamics 365 blog post here.

Below is the list of products for which prices are being updated with effect from October 1, 20241:

Product Price before October 1, 2024 Price as of October 1, 20242 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise $95 $105 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Device $145 $160 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Premium $135 $150 
Microsoft Microsoft Relationship Sales3 $162 $177 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise $95 $105 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Device $145 $160 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service $95 $105 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Device $145 $160 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance $180 $210 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management $180 $210 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce $180 $210 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources $120 $135 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations $120 $135 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations – Device $75 $85 

Prices for Dynamics 365 on-premises customer engagement and operations products will increase by the same percentage as the respective cloud versions. Pricing for cloud products not listed above, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, will remain unchanged.

These increases will apply globally to new and existing customers (upon renewal as of October 1, 2024), and the products will be priced comparably in other currencies. To comply with local regulations, US government list prices for the same products will increase by 10% effective October 1, 2024, followed by another smaller increase effective October 1, 2025, to bring parity with commercial pricing outlined above.

Be sure to explore the release plans for Dynamics 365 to see the many capabilities recently released, and the Dynamics 365 release planner to check out those that are planned for release in upcoming months.


1 All prices are per user per month (or per device per month where noted). 
2 Prices shown are for informational purposes only and may not be reflective of actual list price due to currency, country, region, and variant factors. Contact a Microsoft sales representative for additional information on pricing. 
3 Pricing per user per month will increase by $15 in all tiers in Microsoft Relationship Sales. Only 10-99 user tier shown for simplicity.