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Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah


Alex Mang

Jean-Philippe Courtois

Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft

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Joey D

Peggy Johnson

Executive Vice President, Business Development, Microsoft

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Jussi Roine

Brad Smith

President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft

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Magnus Mårtensson

Christina Hall

Vice President, Global Talent, LinkedIn

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Marcel de Vries

Judson Althoff

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft

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Martina Grom

Kurt DelBene

Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Core Services Engineering and Operations

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Michael van Horenbeeck

Jenny Lay-Flurrie

Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft

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Olav Tvedt

Alysa Taylor

Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Global Industry, Microsoft

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