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Microsoft 365 collaboration solutions in FastTrack

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FastTrack helps you realize the benefits of collaboration, providing guidance and resources as you go through the Microsoft 365 rollout process.

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Envision—plan for a successful rollout

FastTrack provides guidance for planning, delivery, and adoption of collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams when you meet FastTrack eligibility requirements.

Onboard—deploy with engineering and partner support

When you purchase 150 or more seats, a FastTrack team will help with core onboarding tasks like setting up a Domain Name System (DNS), configuring firewall ports, provisioning users, and validating network connectivity.
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Drive Value—gain user adoption and realize business value

Take advantage of a wide range of services to help people embrace, and admins manage, your new Microsoft environment. Adoption resources for collaboration are available in our Productivity Library.

Manage and maintain your Cloud Voice Deployment with MyAdvisor

MyAdvisor is a comprehensive guide and toolset covering your Meetings & Cloud Voice lifecycle, providing recommended resources, processes, and network planning to drive long-term success.
Two people in an office, sitting at a desk and conferring over a device

Additional Capabilities

Modern desktop

Modern devices help IT pros make automated updates and get proactive insights to address problems.


The intelligent security capabilities in Microsoft 365 can help secure your corporate data and manage risk.


Voice capabilities in Office 365 can help your users be more productive from virtually any device.

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Productivity Library

Discover simple examples to get the most out of Microsoft 365.
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FastTrack journey

Learn about the steps involved in your cloud solutions deployment.
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Get answers to commonly asked questions with our FAQ.
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Resource Hub

Explore and download resources to manage adoption of cloud solutions.

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