The recent cybersecurity EO sets out to modernize the government’s IT infrastructure to enable the nation to be more proactive when dealing with cyber threats. To achieve this, the government should partner with industry in fortifying cybersecurity postures.

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Enable security modernization

Ensure security teams are empowered to combat the increase in sophisticated attacks.

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Increase collaboration

Enable information sharing and security practices across public and private sector organizations.

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Deliver trusted and secure services

Build trust in government by securing information, protecting critical infrastructure and facilitating regulatory compliance.

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Skilling Learning Path

Microsoft works with you to develop customized skilling plans, whether virtual, self-paced or instructor-led, for leaders to reach their technical or executive cybersecurity goals.

Microsoft’s public policy for advancing national cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity EO will accelerate IT modernization, enhance software supply chain security, and improve incident response for agencies and technology providers. Microsoft is committed to supporting the EO, helping others meet its requirements, and fostering cybersecurity improvements that impact our nation.

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Cover page of the Microsoft Cybersecurity Interactive guide

Microsoft Federal’s interactive guide on the Cyber EO helps agencies better understand near- and long-term milestones; build a strategic response aligned to security modernization priorities and EO requirements; and determine how technology partners can help accelerate the journey.

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Key EO milestones timeline

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  • Jul 26, 2021
  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Aug 24, 2021
  • Sept 9, 2021
  • Nov 8, 2021
  • Mar 8, 2022

The heads of agencies update plans for federal network infrastructure (including adoption of cloud technology and implementation of Zero Trust Architecture) and report plans to OMB/NSC.

“The Cybersecurity Executive Order: What’s Next for Federal Agencies?”

The EO is an opportunity to meet one of the greatest challenges of our time. Improving our nation’s cybersecurity is achievable through close collaboration between government and industry, leveraging modern technologies and cybersecurity strategies with the agility that’s crucial to operating in today’s threat environment. With a proven roadmap in hand, Microsoft Federal is leaning into partner with federal agencies to define and drive a new era in cybersecurity.

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“Mapping the Cybersecurity Executive Order Milestones”

To help agencies meet the EO and to accelerate their long-term journey towards secure cloud and Zero Trust, Microsoft has recently published our Zero Trust rapid modernization plan and Zero Trust Scenario Architectures and a number of other frameworks for agencies.

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Missions enabled by modern security

Delivering the confidence to innovate across a single sensor or an entire agency.

U.S. Navy migrates workforce to hybrid within weeks

Harnessing the power of hybrid work, the U.S. Navy shifts its telework policy to meet location challenges without compromising security.

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More free tools and solutions to accelerate your EO journey

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Assessment Tool - Zero Trust Deployment Center

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The Cybersecurity Executive Order: What's Next for Federal Agencies?

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Mapping the Cybersecurity Executive Order Milestones

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EO Strategies for Securing Critical Software & Classifying Agency Data

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Uncovering new unknowns: How to approach EDR & logging Cyber EO milestones

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Cloud Adoption Framework

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Zero Trust - Reference Architecture

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Rapid Adoption Modernization Plan - RAMP

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Microsoft expands on cybersecurity commitments for U.S. government agencies

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Deliver trust at scale

The Cybersecurity EO accelerates efforts across government to provide a secure and resilient remote federal workspace; enhance security with a unified defense of your digital government estate; and maintain vigilance with intelligent security.

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