Meet the team

Garage Internship, Vancouver
"What if we could centralize your essential Office 365 features on MacOS?"
The team

Garage Team

Annalies Turley, Carla Trevisi, Enrico Guld, Evgeny Vinnik, Grace Lam, Irene Woo, Jenna Finlayson, Joey Frohlinger, Mahesh Kamat, Mark Schramm, Mehvash Fatima, Michael Cesario, Noa Avigad, Patrick Lewis, Rajarshi Mallik, Stephane Morichere-Matte, Steve Fisher, Taimoor Rana

Garage Internship, Vancouver

Vancouver, B.C.


This Vancouver Garage intern team was challenged to add value to a person’s day using the Office 365 suite. So, the team did the most important step in designing a new project, they talked to their target users.  After talking to busy people, the team narrowed down the main things that help a person stay organized throughout a busy day: people responded en masse that they were missing an at-a-glance view of their day and often lose track of shared files. My Workspace was born.

In the four months of building the app, the team continued testing and speaking with the people that they were designing it for. “There is nothing like this on the Mac platform for the Office 365 suite,” said Grace Lam, an intern who worked on the Garage project. “The team is excited to see the results of the experiment.” My Workspace is the first Garage project built for Mac.