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Applications and Services Group
"Snip is transforming the way people think about communicating their ideas."
Anoop Gupta

Garage Team

Anoop Gupta, Aravind Bala, Jim Federico

Applications and Services Group

Redmond, WA


“We’re a small group of passionate engineers at Microsoft who used to use the Windows Snipping Tool every day to communicate our ideas by emailing screenshots. Our new snipping tool began with a ‘What if…?’ What if snipping was a modern experience that looked and felt like Windows 10? What if we could narrate snips with our voice and digital ink?” said Jim Federico, Principal Product Manager. Now that the team has brought those ideas to life with Snip, it’s their tool of choice to create media-rich, annotated screen captures.

Two of the guiding principles for designing Snip were: (1) exceed the capabilities of the Windows Snipping Tool but keep snipping just as simple; and (2) redefine what constitutes a snip by enabling people to add voice narration and dynamic inking, and share snips from within the application. The result was a fundamental shift in their perception of what they could create with Snip. Or, as Snip’s tagline says, “Why just show when you can show and tell?” Snip lets you tell your story in your own voice while you ink on an image, a photo that you take with your webcam, or a digital whiteboard. And you can share that story by copying your snip to the Clipboard, sending it in an email, or posting or embedding it on a website. Once people saw examples of media-rich snips, which you can see on, they instantly got the concept. And they started to change the way they work. “Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful. Snip is transforming the way people think about communicating their ideas and providing feedback on others’ ideas,” explained Anoop Gupta, Distinguished Scientist and leader of the Snip team.

“Our job is to present snipping in a way that’s easy to use and compelling,” added Aravind Bala, Partner Engineering Manager for Snip. “Over time people’s behavior will change.” For now, download Snip, give it a try, and send us your feedback. Who knows, the next new feature to make snipping even more powerful could start with you.