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HAX Toolkit

Tools for creating fluid and responsible human-AI experiences.

What is the HAX Toolkit?

The Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit is a set of practical tools for creating human-AI experiences with people in mind from the beginning. Each tool is designed to help AI creators, including UX, AI, project management, and engineering teams, take this human-centered approach in their day-to-day work.

The Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction provide best practices for how an AI system should interact with people. The HAX Workbook drives team alignment when planning for Guideline implementation. The HAX design patterns save you time by describing how to apply established solutions when implementing the Guidelines. The HAX Playbook helps you identify and plan for common interaction failure scenarios. You can browse Guidelines, design patterns, and many examples in the HAX Design Library.

Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction

Best practices for how AI systems should behave when interacting with people.


A discussion and planning guide for implementing the Guidelines.

Design patterns

Flexible and actionable solutions for implementing the Guidelines.

Playbook (preview)

A tool for anticipating and designing solutions for human-AI interaction failures.

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What problems are you facing when building human-AI experiences?

What teams say about the HAX Toolkit

The HAX Toolkit has been a valuable resource for our UX team; it continues to inform our people-centered approach to AI experiences.

Senior UX product strategist

The HAX Toolkit was a great way for product, design, and data science to collaborate around machine learning without getting technical. The Toolkit helps you ask the right questions to create better human-AI interactions.

Principal data science manager

Who we are

We are human-AI interaction researchers and practitioners affiliated with Aether, Microsoft’s advisory committee on responsible AI issues. We developed the HAX Toolkit to empower AI practitioners to build more effective and responsible human-AI interaction.