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Project Plan 1

Project Plan 1, $10.00 user/month

Start quickly and manage projects easily via the web browser.

Project Plan 3

Project Plan 3, $30.00 user/month

Execute projects with ease with familiar scheduling tools through your choice of the web browser or desktop client.

Project Plan 5

Project Plan 5, $55.00 user/month

Optimize your project portfolio to prioritize initiatives and get the results you want through your choice of the web browser or desktop client.

Compare Microsoft Office Product features
Feature name Project Plan 1 Project Plan 3 Project Plan 5
Product feature      

Project Home

Starting in a centralized view, create new projects easily, quickly access important, top-of-mind projects, or open projects most recently worked on.

Grid view

Plan and manage projects, using an ordered list of tasks.

Board view

Visually track project tasks for better workflow and status, using out-of-box and custom task boards.

Timeline (Gantt) view

Track and understand dates, assignments and the relationships of project tasks in visual timeline view.

Collaboration and communication

Work together on projects, using Microsoft Teams.


Work together with stakeholders and team members to edit and update task lists, project schedules, and more simultaneously.

Project planning and scheduling

Includes familiar scheduling tools to assign project tasks to team members and use different views like Grid, Board, and Timeline (Gantt chart) to oversee the schedule.


Use pre-built reports to track progress on your projects, resources, programs, and portfolios.


Build visual, interactive roadmaps by aggregating different project types across your organization for visibility.

Read-only access

Timesheet submission

Capture project and nonproject time spent on payroll, invoicing, and other business tasks.

Resource management

Define the project team, request resources for the project, and assign project tasks to those resources.

Desktop client

Use fully installed, up-to-date Project desktop app. One license covers up to five PCs per person.



On up to 5 PCs


On up to 5 PCs

Portfolio selection and optimization

Model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers.



Demand management

Capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere in the organization through a standardized process.



Enterprise resource planning and management

View and compare how resources are used across projects to optimize assignments.



Apps included*

Choose the plan that best suits your organization’s project management needs.

Project for the web

Project for the web

Project Online

Project Online desktop client

Project for the web

Project Online

Project Online desktop client

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* Prices shown are per month. If you are a global or billing administrator, an annual commitment is required to purchase online. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Within the Microsoft 365 admin center, global and billing administrators can choose either annual or monthly commitment plans.

All others may purchase a monthly subscription online.