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Windows Autopatch

Increase security and productivity. Let Microsoft update Windows and Microsoft 365 apps—available at no additional cost for enterprise subscribers.

Do more with less

Let Autopatch manage updates while IT retains control and visibility.

More secure

Help prevent up to 98 percent of malicious attacks by keeping endpoints up to date.1

More productive

Reduce the time your IT team spends on updates by 40 percent so they can focus on innovation.

Less effort

Reduce update-related interruptions, service-desk tickets, and resources dedicated to patching.

Improved enterprise security and productivity are only a part of the impact when customers let Microsoft manage updates to Windows and Microsoft 365 apps. 2

Learn about Autopatch

See how Autopatch can help you meet the demands of enterprise IT administration and improve security and productivity across your organization.

Experience the service before adding devicestry the guided demos >

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How Autopatch works

1. Enroll devices

Control how your enterprise gets updated with Autopatch groups.

2. Set the cadence

Determine the deadlines and deployment windows, or use best-practice default settings.

3. Monitor the progress

Review compliance, success, and resolutions with reports.

Autopatch resources

Documentation for IT pros

Learn about prerequisites and licensing and get in-depth guidance on how Autopatch works.

Discussion for IT pros

Share best practices, get updates, and engage with product teams in the tech community.

Demos for IT pros

Experience interactive demos to see the Autopatch service in action.

Autopatch is available with Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise E3 and E5 as a part of a complete productivity, mobility, and security solution.

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