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Announcing the preview of Power Virtual Agents Customer Lockbox support

Most operations, support, and troubleshooting performed by Microsoft personnel don’t require access to customer data. However, on rare occasions, when data access to customer data is required, customers want complete control of their data. They want to play a more proactive role as gatekeepers to their data and have the final say as to whether access should be granted.

This year at Microsoft Build 2022, we announced that Power Virtual Agents Customer Lockbox support is coming soon. Today, we are excited to announce the preview of Power Virtual Agents Customer Lockbox support.

Customer Lockbox enables administrators to control access to their organization data from Microsoft personnel during troubleshooting. Administrators can turn on the Customer Lockbox feature for their tenants from the Power Platform admin center, view Microsoft personnel’s data access requests, and approve or deny them as the final gatekeeper.

Watch below to learn how to enable the Customer Lockbox feature and approve or deny Microsoft personnel data access requests.

To learn about the Customer Lockbox feature, see the documentation here.

We’d love to hear about your experience with this feature! Please visit our community forum at https://aka.ms/PowerVirtualAgentsForum and share your feedback.

If you have any idea requests, please submit them at https://aka.ms/PowerVirtualAgentsIdeas.


This feature is in preview, which means it is made available to you before general availability so you can test and evaluate them and provide feedback to Microsoft.

Preview may employ reduced or different privacy, security, or compliance commitments than commercial versions. As such, previews are not meant to be used with any “live” or production Customer Data, Personal Data, or other data that is subject to heightened compliance requirements. Any use of “live” data is at your sole risk, and it is your sole responsibility to notify your end users that they should not include sensitive information with their use of the Preview.

This preview, and any support Microsoft may elect to provide, are provided “as-is,” “with all faults,” “as available,” and without warranty.