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Power Virtual Agents at Microsoft Build Developers Virtual Conference, 2020


We hope everyone is remaining safe and doing well during these remarkably challenging times.  Like some many other firsts that have happened during the last few months, this year, the Microsoft Build Developer Conference will be held virtually, kicking off on the morning of Tuesday, May 19th.  If you can join us, but have not yet registered, you still can. The Microsoft Power Platform will have several sessions at the Build conference focusing on how Pro Developers can use the tools and capabilities of the platform to combine their skills with the work of end users to create impactful business solutions.  In our Power Virtual Agents session, we’ll show you how pro developers can leverage the AI and computing power of Azure to create building blocks for their citizen developer counterparts.  We will demonstrate how the synergy between pro and citizen developers which is enabled with Power Virtual Agents can create world class chatbots in a matter of minutes.  Empowering all your developers is critical to accelerating the digital transformation journey in any organization and an invaluable attribute of the Power Platform.  Before diving into the session schedule, let’s quickly review the values of Power Virtual Agents.


Enhancing the Future of Work with Conversational AI

We launched Power Virtual Agents in 2019, adding it as the fourth member of the Microsoft Power Platform.  Power Virtual Agents enables organizations to create chatbots with no code, which can engage conversationally with customers and employees.  The service is built on the following foundational values (figure 1):

  • Democratize AI — Empowers your subject matter experts to easily create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface. There is no need for developers or data scientists.
  • Engage Naturally — Engage with customers and employees conversationally. Resolve routine issues easily which frees staff to focus on more complex or strategic matters
  • Take Action – Easily connect your backend systems with a few clicks using the hundreds of connectors that come with Power Platform – or call APIs and custom workflows using Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Continually Enhance – Leverage our AI on your website to automatically build chat topics and get started in a few clicks. Access powerful metrics and insights from your chatbot’s usage to help determine which topics to build next.


Figure 1.  The Foundational Pillars of Power Virtual Agents


With that, let’s now preview the schedule for some select sessions at Microsoft Build.


Table 1.  Power Platform and Power Virtual Agents Sessions at Microsoft Build Virtual Conference


Begin Your Journey with Power Virtual Agents

We hope you explore the possibilities with Power Virtual Agents by starting a trial today.  You can build your first chatbot in a matter of minutes and get started on delivering an engaging experience for your customers and employees.  Also, make sure to follow our blog for the latest feature updates and use cases for chatbots.  Please join our community to share your ideas, provide your comments, and even help drive the future direction of our product development.  Below are some quick links to get started on your journey.