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Regex (regular expression) entity support in Power Virtual Agents

You can now create and use regular expression (regex) entities in your Power Virtual Agents bot, making it possible to identify information from a user’s input that follows a certain logical pattern.

Regular expression (regex) entities let you define logical patterns that you can use to match and extract information from an input. Regex entities are great for complex pattern matching against a user’s input, or if you need to allow for specific variations in how a user might format or enter their input in a conversation. For example, you could use a regex entity to identify items such as a tracking ID, a license number, a credit card number, or an IP address from a string the user enters into the bot.

For more information on using entities in Power Virtual Agents, refer to documentation here:  Use entities and slot filling.

Go ahead and try this feature at powerva.microsoft.com. Your feedback will help us continue to build on and improve the functionality. We want to hear from you!

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