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Share and collaborate on your bot with subject matter experts

It is amazing to build a bot, and it’s even more amazing to build a bot together with your teammates!

Power Virtual Agents now allows you to share your bot with your teammates, allowing multiple contributors to edit and manage your bot.  Subject matter experts in a team can collaborate together on a bot.  For example, a customer support bot can now have different subject matter experts working on refund related topics vs. topics related to membership.

What this short video for an overview and read on for details about sharing and collaborating on a bot.


Share a bot

To share a bot, select the Share button at the top of the bot’s Home page.


Specify the name or email address of the users that you would like to share the bot with.


Review and set the users’ permissions, and then select Share to share the bot with new users. Everyone you share the bot with can view, edit, configure, share and publish the bot, but they cannot delete it.


You can send an email invitation to new users by checking the check box Send an email invitation to new users.

Click Share and the bot is now shared with the selected users. They will receive an invitation email with a link to the bot and can log into Power Virtual Agents to access it.


Collaborate on a bot

When multiple users are logged into the bot, the topic list page shows new information to support a multi-user experience. You can see who last modified the bot and when. You can also see who is currently editing the bot – making for a truly collaborative experience on authoring bot content.

When multiple users are working in the same topic, the bot warns against any accidental overrides.



You can find more information on sharing a bot, assigning environment security roles, collaborating on a bot, and how to stop sharing a bot in our documentation.

Visit us in our community forum to share your questions and start a discussion on bot sharing.