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The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents 


We are excited to share Power Virtual Agent’s first commissioned ROI study based on customer use.

Find out how five companies in industries as diverse as energy infrastructure, media and entertainment, travel and transport, and manufacturing use Power Virtual Agents to empower everyone to create intelligent conversational bots to automate business processes, reduce development costs, and drive further efficiencies with key analytics and insights.

The Study

Read this 2021 commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, to explore the financial gains a composite organization with 10,000 employees can expect over three years, including:

  • An overall ROI of 261%.
  • Significant reduction in manual ticket support for both internal employees and customers by 66% and 50%, respectively.
  • Ability to meet increased demands without increasing employee headcount, saving over $1 Million.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Read the full study with this downloadable copy or watch this webinar.