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How early adopters are transforming their organizations with copilots

Learn more about some early adopters who are transforming their organization with copilots built using Copilot Studio.

Happy new year! It’s an exciting time for Microsoft Copilot, and we are thrilled to share all of the latest news, early customer testimonials and resources to get you started. At Ignite, we announced the General Availability of Microsoft Copilot Studio. Power Virtual Agents is now part of Copilot Studio, enabling you to create custom copilots – a new generation of intelligent conversational experience that goes beyond traditional chatbots. With Copilot Studio, you can ground your copilots on multiple knowledge sources and leverage generative AI to build natural and contextual conversations.

We’re grateful to our early customers who have already adopted Copilot Studio and are building amazing solutions for their end-users. Here are just a few highlights:

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“Copilot Studio enables us to build and make quick updates to an employee facing copilot that can reason over multiple knowledge sources and provide consistent and relevant answers. Copilot Studio has helped us reduce the workload and costs of our support team, while increasing the engagement and loyalty of our employees.”

— Ramesh Murugan, Director, Employee Technology & Experiences

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The City of Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada is building a copilot as part of a solution that makes it easier to apply for building permits. The copilot asks citizens what they want to build, and Power Automate feeds these responses to Power Apps, which then populates the official building permit forms on behalf of the user. The first phase of the solution is focused on swimming pool permits and is set to launch in March 2024. The city plans to extend the capabilities of the app to eventually cover all permit types.

“City of Kelowna has built copilots using Microsoft Copilot Studio, specifically to support our building application process, revolutionizing the way we serve both the citizens and also builders. These copilots have enabled us to create a streamlined and user-friendly interface where applicants can easily submit and track their building permit.”

Jazz Pabla, Director of Information Services

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Copilot Studio and Microsoft Copilot Service enables the team at RSM, a Microsoft Partner, to provide unified conversational experiences without changing applications. By providing actions, surfacing insights, and automating actions, team members are able to reduce onboarding time while dramatically improving client experiences and reducing mean time to resolution.

“At RSM, we use a range of Microsoft AI technologies, including Microsoft Copilot Studio, to create copilot experiences that deliver compelling outcomes for our clients and team members. The easy-to-use and extensible features of Copilot Studio allow us to adapt to a range of different and changing needs and help us identify new opportunities to serve our customers and teams.”

Mike Gillis, Owner/Principal

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Holland America will use Generative AI in Microsoft Copilot Studio to power an online concierge to support bookings. Available at any time on HollandAmerica.com, the Concierge agent will be available to answer any questions customers have and will be available throughout the digital journey.

“Booking a cruise can be tough due to room options, packages, and entry requirements. We think generative AI can guide customers effortlessly, matching the perfect vacation from booking to cruise for each guest.”

Scot Pettit, Sr Director E-commerce


An Post, the provider of postal services in Ireland, chose Microsoft Copilot Studio to create an easy way for customers to get answers to their questions about postal products and services. The copilot can also be used to track packages, improving efficiency for both An Post and its customers.

Copilot Studio has enabled An Post to deliver a valuable self-service automated digital solution. The use of Generative AI technology will allow us to elevate the customer experience and increase our speed-to-market delivering on our Digital Strategy to support more customers online.

Des Morley, Chief Digital & Technology Officer

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HP will use Copilot Studio to provide product recommendations. For example, small business customers can identify which products are the best fit for their specific software and business needs. Customers can use natural language to accomplish tasks in far fewer clicks than a decision tree or filter-based design. HP will take advantage of Copilot Studio’s ability to reason over the content already on its website to quickly create this experience. With instant access to a wealth of product information surfaced through the Generative AI capabilities of Copilot Studio, HP provides a richer experience for its customers.

“We are using Microsoft Copilot Studio to build a copilot for HP’s customer-facing website to engage customers at scale and educate them on the right products for their needs, and more. Copilot Studio enables real-time responses to customer queries using Generative AI. The better we communicate about our products, the more trust and business opportunities we can create.”

Mohamed Zohny, Global Head of Social Media & Digital Innovations

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States. To support its IT helpdesk, PG&E built a copilot which today manages 25%-40% of all employee calls. These optimizations save the company more than $1.1 million annually. Using generative answers in Copilot Studio, the copilot will soon be able to access the company’s knowledge based automatically and return answers back—no scripting required.

Read the full story here.

“With Power Platform, we’re not only saving money, we’re helping drive a renewed joy of innovation across the company.”  

Alla Gogerman: IT Leader, Intelligent Process Automation and Digital Productivity COE

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