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Microsoft Viva

Support for multiple instances of Viva Connections is now part of the Microsoft Viva suite.

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Microsoft Viva Connections

Discover the company-branded destination where employees can explore news, join conversations, and connect with others across the organization in the apps and devices they use daily.1

Shape culture, foster connections

Keep everyone in the flow of work and connected from wherever they are.

  • A person speaking in front of a team in an open office space.

    Encourage employees to contribute ideas and share views

    Create a workplace where everyone’s ideas and voices matter and employees have the flexibility to engage and participate from anywhere.

    A mobile phone navigating through the steps of clocking in and exploring assigned tasks in Viva Connections.

    Empower people on the frontlines

    Create a resilient and agile organization, and give frontline workers the resources and tools they need, with a one-stop solution for connection.

    A mobile display of a news article and employees giving their thoughts in text chats.

    Engage employees with open communications

    Gain insights about what's top of mind in your organization. Build trust and transparency through dialogue and share polls and surveys.

    Mobile displays of a Dashboard, a Hybrid Work Survey and a feedback request in Viva Connections

    Build a healthy and inclusive workforce

    Improve employee engagement with data-driven recommendations to turn feedback into everyday actions.

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  • Five team members having a meeting in a conference room.

    Create an inclusive hybrid workplace

    Make it easy to build relationships across the organization to cultivate a dynamic, engaged workforce that grows and learns together.


    Multiple screens showing the ability to edit global navigation and edit news articles in Viva Connections.

    Deliver relevant information

    Provide updates to the right people at the right time. Target news and engagements, boost critical content, and easily gather community feedback.

    A retail operations dashboard in Viva Connections.

    Bolster solid connections

    Help employees share and connect with each other on important work-related news and events and stay on top of conversations from their communities.


    A mentor giving advice over text in Viva Connections.

    Help employees grow through mentorship

    Promote employee growth, connection, and collaboration to identify and respond to skill gaps and build resilient, adaptable teams.

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  • Two people having a conversation at a desk in the office.

    Rally everyone around vision, mission, and priorities

    Create a workspace that can evolve and grow with modern storytelling tools, all while celebrating company values and identity.


    Four mobile phones displaying relevant articles for an Indigenous community in Viva Connections.

    Put culture front and center

    Reinforce identity with custom branding, create unique employee experiences and news for specific groups, and showcase inclusive programs and other initiatives.

    A desktop display of a news article about the disability divide and a mobile phone showing a personalized feed of resources in Viva Connections.

    Focus on what matters for employees

    Allow employees to connect to personalized resources and role-specific tasks, and to give critical content a boost to help it stand out to the right people.

    A mobile display of the Dashboard in Viva Connections where feedback is being requested.

    Take actions that put people first

    Gather continuous feedback from every employee experience to take the right actions and impact engagement, productivity, and innovation.

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See Viva Connections in action

Customer stories

People raising their glasses for a toast in a Carlsberg bar
Carlsberg group

Viva Connections at Carlsberg Group

Learn how Carlsberg improves the digital employee experience to reach 29,000 employees using Microsoft Viva.

Premium Viva Connections features

These features are included only with Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities and Microsoft Viva suite subscriptions.1

Viva Connections features

Included in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans for enterprise and frontline workers.1

  • Company branding

    Customize Viva Connections with your organization’s name, logo, and colors for a seamless experience.

  • Boost

    Ensure visibility of high-priority content by boosting to the top of employees’ feeds based on various conditions such as a set number of impressions or date.

  • Dashboard

    Provide useful company resources and actionable tasks in a central, personalized destination, designed to keep your employees in the flow of work.

  • Built on Microsoft 365

    Quickly deploy and manage Viva Connections through the Microsoft Teams admin console, without the need to push additional apps to your employees’ devices.

  • Feed

    Simplify communications and keep people connected with a single, personalized view where employees can explore news and join conversations from across the organization.

  • Partner integrations

    Customize and extend Viva Connections with a rich set of integrations from our partner ecosystem.

  • Audience targeting

    Provide the most relevant content to the right audiences sorted by departments, regions, job roles, and other criteria.

  • Viva Connections home experience for desktop

    Help your employees start their day with all the relevant news and community information they care about, as well as quick access to other Viva apps.

Coming soon to Viva Connections

  • Works seamlessly across Microsoft 365

    Get targeted and relevant content from across Microsoft 365 such as SharePoint News, Viva Engage communities, Microsoft Stream videos, and other content automatically surfaced in the Viva Connections feed.

  • Viva Connections news notifications

    Receive push notifications on your mobile device when pertinent news is published, when you’re mentioned, or if someone likes or comments on news you’ve published.

  • Viva Connections in Microsoft 365 admin center

    Configure the Viva Connections experience right from the Microsoft 365 admin center alongside your other Microsoft investments.

Frequently asked questions

  • Viva Connections is the gateway to a modern employee experience. It helps the entire organization stay engaged and informed with seamless information sharing by providing employees with a curated experience that includes relevant news, conversations, and other resources—all in one place.

    In addition, Viva Connections provides a single, curated, employee destination to reinforce an organization’s identity with custom branding. It’s personalized and appears in the apps employees already use every day, like Microsoft Teams. By connecting everyone, from frontline workers to information workers, it unites them around the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities. Organizations can deploy Viva Connections with minimal effort by building on existing capabilities in Microsoft 365, like SharePoint and Viva Engage. It also gives quick access to the rest of the Microsoft Viva applications that they are licensed to use, making it easy to navigate across different applications in one spot.

  • Viva Connections works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. It will be accessible via the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps.

  • Viva Connections integrates content from Microsoft 365 services—including  SharePoint, Teams, Viva Engage, Microsoft Stream, and others—into a consolidated and customizable “single pane” for every employee. It gives employees the tools they need to be successful via three interactive experiences:

    • A personalized feed to enable employees to explore news and contribute to the conversation from anywhere.
    • A personalized dashboard that serves as the company home for employees and is designed to be the central destination for everyone to discover resources and complete tasks.
    • A personalized resources area that allows them to get to the sites, communities, video playlists, and other content that matter most to them.
  • No, Viva Connections is designed to be used by everyone in the organization. It can be customized for different employee groups, such as frontline workers who often have limited time to consume content and information during their shifts. Viva Connections can be configured to provide a comprehensive view of everything employees need, and minimize the time needed away from their core task.

  • Viva Connections is the home and gateway for Viva where people can find everything they need, including conversations, resources, and action items. It brings together community experiences—such as conversations, announcements, and storyline posts—from Viva Engage into the Viva Connections feed. Viva Engage is the social layer where employees can dive deep into communities, share their story, engage with coworkers, attend virtual events, and find belonging at work.

  • Viva is built on intelligent security from Microsoft to provide privacy and security that organizations—and employees—can trust. While we know that data-driven insights and personalization are essential to business success, Microsoft believes strongly that privacy is a human right, and we’re  deeply committed to protecting the privacy of every person who uses our products.

Implementation and support


Learn how to set up Viva Connections and how it can help your organization.


Get started with resources to help keep your employees connected, informed, and engaged.


Learn how to add Viva Connections to Microsoft Teams and get started using it.


Get help enabling Microsoft Viva and the foundational capabilities in Microsoft 365 that support employee experience.

Get started with Viva Connections

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Empower employees and teams to be their best

Viva Connections is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.

[1] Microsoft Teams license required.

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