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Microsoft Viva
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Microsoft Viva Insights 

Empower your organization with data-driven, actionable insights to increase productivity and performance.

Improve business outcomes with actionable insights

Gain visibility into workplace activities, communication behaviors and collaboration patterns to streamline decision-making and improve business performance.

  •  New hire onbarding data in Viva Insights

    Address unique business challenges

    Understand the impact of hybrid work on your people and your business and address the challenges important to your organization.

    Meeting effectiveness data in Viva Insights

    Get up and running quickly

    Generate valuable insights about your business using a library of flexible, out-of-the-box reports that are ready to share with business leaders.

    A person query analysis reported being created with Viva Insights

    Dive deep into your data

    Use advanced tools to generate custom insights tailored to specific business challenges.

    Prebuilt accelerators

    Jumpstart deep analysis

    Address complex challenges using advanced tools and a library of prebuilt analysis accelerators, visualizations, and interactive reports.

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  • A meeting effectiveness reminder popped out over Viva Insights in Teams

    Foster engaged and high-performing teams

    Empower managers and leaders with insights that identify opportunities to improve effectiveness and bring balance to productivity and wellbeing.

    Organizational insights

    Understand how work happens across the business

    Get visibility into patterns that can lead to burnout and erode productivity, such as too little focus time, not enough coaching, and after-hours work.

    Tools that enable positive change

    Foster healthy work habits and team norms

    Help teams increase productivity and protect wellbeing with one-on-one meeting tools and team plans, such as shared focus and no-meeting-day plans.

    A graph showing number of hours booked for focus time among enrolled employees in an org over four months

    Understand the impact of change

    Explore trends over time and track the impact of shared plans. Gain context with related insights, peer group comparisons, and thought leadership.

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  • A headspace focus reminder in Viva Insights

    Build better work habits with personal insights

    Get personalized recommendations to improve your effectiveness at work. Follow best practices to strengthen your collaboration, focus, and time management.

    Productivity and wellbeing

    Personal productivity and wellbeing experiences

    Practice mindfulness. Schedule focus time to work uninterrupted. Wrap up the day with a virtual commute. Disconnect and recharge during quiet time.

    Meeting effectiveness

    Meeting effectiveness surveys and insights

    Gather feedback from meeting participants. Reflect on your meeting habits and meeting category insights. Align time spent in meetings with your goals.

    Collaboration habits

    Collaboration, communication, and network insights

    Discover trends in how you've spent your time over the past four weeks and identify opportunities to improve your network and collaboration.

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    Designed to help keep your data safe and private

    Help maintain compliance with industry and regional requirements with trusted cloud security and privacy safeguards.

    A person sitting in a rounded chair smiling.

    Private personal insights

    Only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns in your emails, meetings, calls, and chats.

    A person sitting at a desk with their hands folded participating in a video call on a laptop.

    Built-in privacy safeguards

    Help protect individual privacy in metrics presented to managers and leaders with built-in safeguards like de-identification and aggregation.

    A person standing in front of their desk looking towards the window behind them.

    Employee and admin controls

    Individual employees choose the insights and experiences they want to receive. Admins may disable access at an individual or organizational level.

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See Viva Insights in action

See how Viva Insights helps teams and individuals improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommended actions.
Advanced insights
Address complex challenges using advanced tools and a library of prebuilt analysis accelerators, visualizations, and interactive reports.
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Features and pricing

Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft 365

  • Some employee experience features are included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Originally starting from $4.00 now starting from $4.00

$4.00 $4.00


     (Annual subscription—auto renews)1

  • All the employee experience features included in Microsoft 365, plus:

  • Meeting feedback, praise sharing and trends, and focus mode in Teams

  • Plans for scheduled emails, effective meetings, recurring time booking, shared focus time, and no-meeting days

  • Manager insights for leading strong teams

  • Leader insights for visibility into how work happens across the organization

  • Prebuilt report library for trends across the organization

  • Advanced tools and prebuilt analysis accelerators, visualizations, and interactive reports

  • Holistic insight across sentiment and behavioral data (coming soon)2

Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback

Originally starting from $6.00 now starting from $6.00

$6.00 $6.00


(Annual commitment)

  • Everything in Viva Insights, plus:

  • Organizational insights for managers and leaders

  • Custom insights tools and accelerators

  • Organization-wide surveys on web and mobile

  • Prebuilt, science-backed survey templates

  • Recommended actions based on results

  • Brief, customizable surveys for quick team feedback

Microsoft Viva Suite

Originally starting from $12.00 now starting from $12.00

$12.00 $12.00


(Annual subscription—auto renews)1

  • Everything in Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback, plus:

  • Support for multiple company-branded employee destinations for news and announcements in Viva Connections

  • Premium community experiences and crowd-sourced knowledge in Viva Engage

  • Centralized campaign management for multichannel publishing with Viva Amplify

  • Viva Goals to stay aligned at scale, focus teams on impact, and bring goals into the flow of everyday work

  • .

    Viva Learning to seamlessly integrate access to learning content into the places employees already spend their time

  • .

    Viva Topics to connect, manage, and protect knowledge from across your organization

Frequently asked questions

  • Personal insights are available in the following locations:

    • Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams and homepage on
    • Viva Insights Outlook add-in.
    • Emails from Microsoft Viva.

    These will continue to be included in all Microsoft 365 E3, A3, E5, A5, Office 365 E1, E3, A3, E5, A5, and Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium plans.

  • Viva Insights includes: 

    • Premium personal insights and experiences.
    • Manager and leader insights.
    • Advanced insights including custom analysis tools and accelerators.
  • Microsoft 365 or Office 365 E1, A1, G1, E3, A3, G3, E5, A5, G5, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, or Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2 licenses are required to be eligible for Viva Insights.

  • Viva Glint and Viva Pulse are complementary and create an end-to-end employee engagement solution. Viva Glint is a robust survey solution driven by leadership for organization-wide objectives such as cultural change or a new strategic direction. Viva Pulse is an app for managers and project leads to get quick feedback their direct teams whenever they need to better understand their team’s experience or recommendations

Implementation and support


See how to get started using Viva Insights in your organization.


Explore adoption and training resources to help you get started using Viva Insights.


Find Viva Insights help and learning content for employees.

Privacy guide

Learn how Viva Insights uses personal data and ways in which it was designed to keep that data safe.


Get help enabling Microsoft Viva and the foundational capabilities in Microsoft 365 that support employee experience.

Get started with Viva Insights

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Empower people and teams to be their best

Viva Insights is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.

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