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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva Insights

Use actionable workplace insights to increase productivity, engagement, and the speed of AI transformation.
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Actionable workplace insights

  • Analyze collaboration, meetings, wellbeing, and coaching trends to uncover improvements.
    Dashboard displaying team insights from the past four weeks, including metrics
  • Understand the impact of hybrid work on people and business, and tackle organizational challenges.
    Employee work site habits Bar graphs displaying various metrics
  • Apply a layer of intelligence to your data to better understand work patterns.1
    Viva Insights dashboard displaying survey results, relationships between metrics, and behavior metric averages
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Surface critical workplace insights

Equip leaders, managers, and data analysts with the insights to make informed decisions, effectively test assumptions, and promptly act on feedback.

Build custom reports using natural language with AI

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Get the full value of Viva Insights

Upgrade to the Viva suite to better understand the work patterns driving your organization.

Viva Insights in Microsoft 365

Viva Insights in the Viva suite

Personal insights
Microsoft Copilot Dashboard
Microsoft Copilot in Viva (preview)

Enable leaders to generate personalized reports and simplify the query building process for analysts.

Advanced insights
Team insights
Organizational insights (preview)

Viva plans and pricing

Microsoft Viva Insights

(Annual Commitment)
  • Analyst workbench for advanced analytics
  • Data-driven insights for managers and leaders

Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback

(Annual Commitment)

Everything in Viva Insights, plus:

  • Feedback surveys with actionable recommendations
  • Brief team surveys for managers and leads2

Microsoft Viva Suite

(Annual Commitment)

Everything in Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback, plus:

  • Unique, company-branded employee apps3
  • Premium community, knowledge, and leadership experiences
  • Centralized campaign management for communications2
  • Strategic prioritization and goal alignment
  • Recommendations and academies for targeted upskilling2
  • AI-generated insights and prompts with Copilot in Viva (coming soon)

Try a demo of Viva Insights

See how Viva Insights helps you explore ways to build better work habits with actionable recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Contact your Microsoft representative to add Viva to your existing Microsoft 365 enterprise subscription. 

    Not an existing customer?
  • Viva Insights is a workplace analytics tool designed to surface meaningful insights into how work gets accomplished across complex, fast-paced businesses. It provides visibility into collaboration activities and patterns to help business leaders streamline decision-making and improve business performance.
  • Viva Insights aggregates data from email, calendar, chat, and employee survey data to surface de-identified, privacy-protected workplace analytics. Viva Insights uses collaboration and employee sentiment data within the context of your business to analyze workplace patterns and the impact of your Microsoft Copilot investment.
  • A license for one of the following is required to be eligible for Viva Insights: Microsoft 365 or Office 365 E1, A1, G1, E3, A3, G3, E5, A5, or G5; Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, or Business Premium; or Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2. Microsoft Teams-integrated features require a Teams license to enable but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.
  • Viva Insights includes:

    • Premium personal insights and experiences.
    • Manager and leader insights.
    • Advanced insights including custom analysis tools and accelerators. 
    • Personal and private insights are for individual use only.
    • Manager insights are for people managers or team leads.
    • Leader insights are for business leaders.
    • Advanced insights are for analysts to run top-down analysis on advanced insights with aggregated and de-identified metrics. 
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Get Started

Add Viva to your Microsoft 365 plan

Contact your Microsoft representative to add Viva to your existing enterprise subscription.
  1. [1]
    Microsoft Viva Glint license required.
  2. [2]
    Microsoft Teams-integrated features require a Teams license to enable but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.
  3. [3]
    Microsoft Teams license required.

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