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Microsoft Viva

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Viva Connections

Provide a company-branded destination where employees can explore news, join conversations, and connect with others in the apps and devices they use daily.

  • Create a centralized, personalized destination for employees1

  • Aggregate and share essential information1

  • Boost critical items to maximize exposure1

  • Viva Connections is included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Viva Engage

Connect everyone at your organization through employee communities and conversations.

  • Create and join employee communities

  • Share and discover knowledge

  • Share your unique voice

  • Viva Engage community and conversations features are included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Viva Amplify

Manage employee-facing campaigns from one convenient location with multichannel publishing and analytics.

  • Use centralized campaign management for multichannel publishing2

  • Get campaign reporting and analytics2

  • Manage the lifecycle of various campaigns from a single view2

  • View and manage campaign approvals and comments2

Viva Insights

Improve productivity with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Get personal insights with the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams1 and web apps

  • Get personal insights in digest emails from Viva

  • Get personal insights in the Viva Insights add-in in Outlook

  • Viva Insights personal insights are included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Viva Glint

Understand the voice of the employee and improve workforce engagement.

  • Access employee surveys on web and mobile

  • Save time with prebuilt, science-backed survey templates

  • Analyze engagement data with interactive dashboards

  • Compare results with internal and external benchmarks

Viva Pulse

Get quick, actionable team feedback with pulse surveys for managers and leaders

  • Get quick team feedback with customizable surveys2

  • Write your own questions or choose from a library of questions backed by people science2

  • Send brief surveys on an automated schedule2

  • Get suggested actions based on results2

Viva Goals

Align teams to your organization’s strategic priorities with a goal-setting and management solution that helps drive results and a thriving business.

  • Create clarity and stay aligned at scale

  • Focus teams on impact, not output

  • Keep goals front and center

  • A Viva Goals 60-day trial is available for Microsoft account administrators.

Viva Learning

Empower employees to prioritize their growth and development by incorporating learning where they already spend their time.

  • Access full Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training libraries

  • Access 300+ LinkedIn Learning courses

  • Search, share, and chat about learning content

  • Create learning tabs in Teams channels1

  • Viva Learning in Teams is included in Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise.

Add Microsoft Viva to your Microsoft 365 plan

  • [1] Microsoft Teams license required.​
  • [2] Microsoft Teams-integrated features require a Teams license to enable but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.

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