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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva Engage

Connect everyone at your organization through employee communities and conversations.
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Create meaningful relationships at work

  • Engage in social communities created around interests, job types, departments, and other topics.
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  • Join discussions, create posts, @mention coworkers, pin conversations, and build dialogue across teams.
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  • Keep employees informed and engaged with various types of announcements wherever they are.
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  • Bring leaders and employees together for virtual events with video, Q&A, and meaningful conversation.
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Connect employees

Strengthen relationships and inspire everybody to contribute.1

Inspire conversations via prompts to generate a post

  • Copilot in Viva Engage
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Get the full value of Viva Engage

Step up to the Microsoft Viva suite to drive even more meaningful connections at your organization.

Viva Engage in Microsoft 365

Viva Engage in the Viva suite


Create, upload, and share stories. Follow stories from leaders and coworkers using familiar social tools.2


Get out-of-the-box analytics for insights into communities, events, and conversations.

Leadership Corner

Answers in Viva

Copilot in Viva Engage

Viva plans and pricing

Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities

(Annual commitment)
  • Premium community, knowledge, and leadership experiences
  • Unique, company-branded employee apps2
  • Centralized campaign management for communications2

Microsoft Viva Suite

(Annual commitment)
Everything in Viva Employee Communications and Communities, plus:
  • Data-driven insights for managers and leaders
  • Feedback surveys with actionable recommendations2
  • Brief team surveys for managers and leads2
  • Strategic prioritization and goal alignment
  • Recommendations and academies for targeted upskilling2
  • AI-generated insights and prompts with Copilot in Viva (coming soon)

Implementation and support

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Get started using Viva Engage in your organization.

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Start your Viva Engage adoption journey today.

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Find Viva Engage help and learning content for employees.


Frequently asked questions

  • Viva Engage community and conversations features are included in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans for enterprise. Viva Engage premium features require a license for the Microsoft Viva suite or Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities. Teams-integrated features require a Microsoft Teams license to enable, but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.
  • You don’t need to do anything if you’ve already installed the Communities app for Teams. It will automatically change to the Viva Engage experience.
  • Currently, admins must deploy Viva Engage and then install the Viva Engage app within Teams.
  • Contact FastTrack or your account manager, or refer to Viva Engage documentation on Microsoft Learn.
  • Viva Connections is the home and gateway where people can find everything they need, including conversations, resources, and action items. Viva Connections integrates community experiences such as conversations, announcements, and storyline posts from Viva Engage into the Viva Connections feed.                                                                                                                                                          

    Viva Engage is the social layer where employees can dive deeper into communities, share their stories, engage with coworkers, attend virtual events, and find belonging at work.
  • No, Viva Engage is designed for scale and can meet the needs of the largest enterprises, with hundreds of thousands of employees participating in communities and networks.
  • Viva Engage offers network and community admins, conversation authors, and different moderation capabilities the ability to delete, move, pin, and report content.
  • Viva Engage is the evolution of what used to be Yammer, now with additional capabilities for leadership engagement, knowledge management, and analytics.
  • Yes, storyline posts show up in Viva Connections, Teams2, and Outlook.
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Get in touch with Sales

Connect with an expert to learn what Viva can do for your organization.
[1] Premium features are included only with Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities and Microsoft Viva suite subscriptions.
[2] Teams-integrated features require a Microsoft Teams license to enable, but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.

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