Blind Fury
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The kid (Brandon Call) is a brat, and the bus ride from Miami to Reno is long, but Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer) promised the boy's dying mom that he'd deliver the child to his father (Terry O'Quinn). She was killed by gangsters, and if not for Nick, they'd have the kid, too. Now the two are on the run, and thugs are waiting for them around every corner. But Nick will never see what he's going to have to do to them-because Nick Parker, master swordsman, is blind. While serving in Vietnam he lost his sight but was believed killed in action; for years he was cared for by local villagers, and learned not only to survive, but to master the razor-sharp blade hidden in his cane. These skills serve him well when on returning to the U.S. Nick goes to the aid of an old Army buddy whose son is targeted by the Mob.

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Phillip Noyce


Sony Pictures


English (CC)

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Age rating


1 h 26 min




Ryôzô Kasahara
Charles Robert Carner


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