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Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

Illuminating the threat landscape and empowering a digital defense. Learn more below.

Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President, Customer Security & Trust, Microsoft

Insights every organization needs to defend themselves

Our technologies connect billions of customers around the world. This allows us to aggregate security data to understand the scope and scale of digital threats around the globe. With such diverse threats coming from so many sources, it is incredibly difficult for our customers to anticipate when and where they might be attacked and how to effectively defend themselves.

That is why we share our unique insights on how the digital threat landscape is evolving and the crucial actions that can be taken now to manage the risks.

Our unique vantage point

43 trillion

signals synthesized daily

We use sophisticated data analytics and AI algorithms to better understand and protect against digital threats and cybercriminal activity.

70 billion

threats blocked

We blocked more than 70 billion email and identity threat attacks last year alone.


domains removed

To date, Microsoft removed more than 10,000 domains used by cybercriminals and 600 used by nation state actors.


security and threat intelligence experts

Engineers, researchers, data scientists, threat hunters, geopolitical analysts, investigators, frontline responders, and cybersecurity experts across 77 countries.

Five critical focus areas

50% of Microsoft cybersecurity recovery engagements related to ransomware incidents.

State of Cybercrime

Cybercrime continues to rise, driven by increases in both random and targeted attacks. Attack methods have evolved to create increasingly diverse threats.

53% of nation state attacks targeted the IT sector, NGOs and think tanks, and the education sector.

Nation State Threats

Nation state actors are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks to evade detection and further their strategic priorities.

119 million attacks against remote management ports in a single month

Devices and Infrastructure

As organizations harness advances in computing capability and entities digitize to thrive, the attack surface of the digital world is exponentially increasing.

237 cyber operations against Ukraine leading up to and during the first weeks of invation.

Cyber Influence Operations

Today’s foreign influence operations utilize new methods and technologies, making their campaigns designed to erode trust more efficient and effective.

80% of security incidents can be traced to missing elements that could be addressed through modern security approaches.

Cyber Resilience

As threats in the cyber landscape increase, building cyber resilience into the fabric of the organization is as crucial as financial and operational resilience.

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Why the cyber resilience bell curve matters

There is an increasing sense of urgency to adopt these minimum standards for greater resiliency to the rising level of threats in the digital ecosystem.

The cyber resilience bell curve showing that basic security hygiene still protects against 98% of attacks

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