SQL Server 2008 Launch

Hi – My name is Ram Ramanathan and I work in SQL Server marketing. One of the areas I am responsible for is the launch for SQL Server 2008 along with the help of lots of other folks in the SQL Server marketing team. Its going to be less than 105 days to our launch on 2/27/2008 in LA. I am quite excited about this event – ITs going to be a global experience with events around the world. Launching with Windows Server and VIsual enables us to provide you with a trusted platform for your infrastructure while enabling both IT Pros and Devs to provide solutions arounds Web,Virtualization and BI. (launch site).

Its going to be crazy for the next 105 days 🙂 but I want to use this bog to provide some glimpses to all the madness, as we start getting ready for the launch.

And remember that within few days – we will be releasing the next version of SQL Server 2008 Community Technology Preview(CTP )- November CTP. This has over 80% of all the features in the final release of the product. You can download the latest release from www.microsoft.com/sql/2008/default.aspx