Top Web hosting companies offer SQL Server 2008

Customers can have their web sites hosted using SQL Server 2008 today with top Web hosting companies. These certified Microsoft partners provide customers with low-cost options that enable a fast and easy way for anyone to start using SQL Server 2008. Customers can take advantage of SQL Server 2008 features including support for managing new geo spatial data, new HierarchyID support for managing self-referencing tables, support for large User Defined Data Types, support for LINQ, new support for PHP developers, Business Intelligence support that provides deep insights into data, and much more.

The following Web hosting companies offer SQL Server 2008 hosting options:

ausiehq “We are very excited about the launch of Microsoft SQL 2008 and the cutting edge advantage it provides for our clients. Our close partnership with Microsoft is the foundation for AussieHQ to continue innovating as Australia’s leading web hosting provider.”
Michael McGoogan, Managing Director
disc_aspnet “Under the SQL 2008 Go Live program, we are giving our customers a free SQL 2008 beta database account for testing purposes. The beta program provides our customers with the opportunity to get a jumpstart in testing SQL 2008 in a live hosted environment before its official release.”
Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing
Web site: DiscountASP
maxasp “We have been offering SQL Server 2008 since November of 2007 and have been very impressed by the substantial improvement in performance. We are also excited by the multi-server administration and the declarative management framework features which has already exponentially reduced administration time in our hosted environment.”
Sarah Barela, Manager of Database Services
myhosting “The hosted services model is all about, “Your Data, Any Place, Any Time”, so deploying SQL 2008 for our hosted customers was an easy decision for SQL 2008 along with Windows Server 2008/IIS7 has enabled us to provide a solid platform for our customers that will meet their needs today and evolve as the world of hosted services grow, both in size as well as complexity.”
Dmitri Gaikovoi, Senior Hosting Specialist
Web site: (SoftCom)
mosso “As a part of Microsoft’s Early Adopter Program for SQL 2008, we believe the new capability it offers will help drive the adoption of cloud solutions all the way up to the enterprise. As Rackspace’s cloud computing division, Mosso is committed to making cloud computing as easy as possible for our customers and the next generation SQL Server 2008 will help us reach our goals.  The scalability, performance, security and manageability improvements SQL 2008 offers will benefit our customers that leverage SQL Server.  For example, the new resource governor is a key feature which will help us better manage server workload and system resource consumption which in turn will improve system performance for multi-tenant customers in our SQL environment.  We can also take clustering to the next level with new abilities which reduce hardware and infrastructure requirements.”
Todd Morey, Co-Founder
Web site: Mosso
localweb “With SQL 2008, Locaweb is offering new functionality to our customers as early as the SQL 2008 RC, and we’re happy to work in partnership with Microsoft to bring value added solutions to our customers.”
Fernando Zangrande, Product Manager
Web site: LocaWeb
uolhost “The new features in SQL Server 2008 like Resource Governor will help UOL Host to decrease operational costs by allowing us to better monitor and manage our hosting clients.”
Marcelo Imai, Manager
Web site: UOL Host

Other top Internet hosting companies that offer SQL Server 2008 include,, HostMySite, Hostbasket, and Swizzle.