goes inside SQL Server 2008


Don Kiely from Redmond Developer Magazine wrote an article entitled “Inside SQL Server 2008,” that highlights the new features of SQL Server 2008. The article is also featured on the cover of the November 2008 print edition of the publication. A quote from Don’s article reads, “SQL Server 2008 is not a fundamental rewrite of its predecessors. Instead, Microsoft has built upon what’s good and solid in SQL Server 2005 and added some exciting new productivity features and many general enhancements that make the software more useful for supporting a wider variety of applications.”.

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Not to be outdone, Eric Johnson from the same magazine takes readers through some of the benefits he feels SQL Server 2008 delivers. A quote from Eric reads “Unlike using data compression, I have no reservations about using backup compression. Saving disk space on the drive where you store your backups is great, but the smaller file size on individual backups is fantastic.”. About T-SQL improvements, he goes on to write, “The new MERGE statement in SQL Server 2008 makes me just a little giddy.”

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