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SQL Server makes splash at DevConnections

In case you missed it, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio Team System 2008 and SQL Services were showcased at this year’s DevConnections in Las Vegas, NV last week. Britt Johnston, Product Unit Manager for SQL Server along with demos from Gert Drapers (Visual System Team System), Goldie Chaudhuri (Spatial features in SQL Server), Sean Boon (Report Builder) and Rick Negrin (Data Services) were the featured keynote.

sqlconn2008_ 009c
Britt Johnston
sqlconn2008_ 011
Gert Drapers & Goldie Chaudhuri
sqlconn2008_ 012
Sean Boon
sqlconn2008_ 014
Rick Negrin
sqlconn2008_ 017
SQL Server booth

DevConnections is a great conference to attend since it brings together a diverse set of people from developers, to information workers to DBAs and ITPros. It always delivers great value for attendees by inviting high-caliber speakers to present great sessions. If you have never attended a DevConnections show, we encourage you to consider their upcoming conference in March 22-25, 2009 in Orlando. Visit the DevConnections web site for details

Keynote highlights:

  • Visual Studio Team System Developer and Database edition will be merged in Visual Studio 2010. Today, customers of either of these editions that are MSDN subscribers can download the other edition (Read more)
  • SQL Server 2008 is more than just a database. Customers are encouraged to learn how the built-in BI support can help their organizations today. (Read more)
  • Customers are encouraged to sign up for the new SQL Services CTP (Sign-up now)