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Premier Mission Critical Support Now Available for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008


Premier Mission Critical support gives customers direct round-the-clock access to a team of designated experienced support professionals who understand each customer’s unique configuration and deployment environment.  Response times are guaranteed within 30 minutes by Service Level Agreements (SLA), and the escalation process includes top priority access to product development teams for rapid end-to-end incident resolution.

With increasing numbers of enterprise customers trusting their mission-critical data to SQL Server 2008, we are committed to providing support that keeps enterprise systems available and reliable 24/7. Experience shows us that the key elements to fast and efficient resolution of unplanned outages are knowing customer systems configurations and history and providing the right rapid escalation and response path. We took a step in that direction when we launched Premier Support, and since then SQL Server customers have enjoyed high levels of responsiveness, service availability and support.

Premier Mission Critical builds on the Premier offering by providing customers personalized support and expertise from the SQL Server product team to expedite relief, recover application availability and provide guidance for future remediation through a dedicated team familiar with the customer environment.